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Austrian Logistics was founded by the Federal Ministry of Climate Action, Environment, Energy, Mobility, Innovation and Technology (BMK) together with the Austrian Federal Association of Logistics (BVL), the Federation of Austrian Industries (IV), the Austrian Logistics Network Association (VNL), the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber (WKÖ), and the Central Association of Freight Forwarding & Logistics (ZVSL) as part of the logistics initiative.

The aim is to highlight the excellent services provided by Austrian logistic companies throughout the world. In addition, it is important to demonstrate the comprehensive benefits of the logistics sector and the contribution it makes to the economy through its networking activities.



Intelligent logistics refers to the use of innovative technologies and customised solutions to fulfil the specific needs of each individual customer. This requires smart technology, maximum flexibility and a detailed understanding of the processes within the customer’s company. Ultimately, logistics contributes to a higher standard of living for everyone through the use of highly efficient processes while simultaneously conserving resources.

In order to drive the industry forward, all of the major stakeholders in the domestic industry joined forces in 2014 and have developed initiatives – as part of the Logistics Action Plan and the Logistics Working Group – to establish and enhance Austria’s reputation as an attractive business location. This ongoing process sets an example for Austria as a whole and offers tremendous opportunities for politics, special interest groups, science and business.



All partners benefit from the objectives of Austrian Logistics:

  • to demonstrate the excellent services provided by the logistics sector in Austria
  • to communicate one uniform image of the logistics sector
  • to increase the national and international visibility of Austrian logistics in the eyes of decision-makers from politics, industry, trade and services and among the general public
  • to improve the cooperation and exchange of information and experiences between stakeholders
  • to call attention to and raise awareness on topics important to the logistics sector
  • to enhance the attractiveness of careers in the logistics sector and support futureoriented education and training

Make WOW! a reality and become a part of Austrian Logistics!

We stand out. Worldwide!

The new slogan for Austrian logistics conveys several messages:

  • WOW! Austria's logistics sector provides a first-class service.
    WOW! Austria's logistics sector ensures the country's economy remains strong and internationally competitive.
    WOW! Austria's logistics sector knows no borders – it spans the globe.

The slogan encapsulates why a first-class logistics industry can make such a difference: it is one of the main drivers of a successful economy and an essential requirement for progress, growth and prosperity. We have set out to raise awareness of the value of logistics – among companies, individuals, politicians and society as a whole. Because it is an industry that benefits each and every one of us.

Interested in a partnership? To participate in the selection process as a brand partner of Austrian Logistics, please submit your completed application form to info@austrianlogistics.com. The application is possible at any time.

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