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ENNSHAEN CONNECT – SUPPLY - UNITE The ENNSHAFEN port is the newest and most modern public port in Austria. It links the main transport routes for international cargo, the Rhine-Main-Danube waterway from west to east and the north-south railway that extends from the North Sea to the Adriatic. With direct access to motorways and main roads, the ENNSHAFEN port offers ideal road links. Waterways, rail and road connections empower the port as a transport hub for goods and commodities in international logistics operations and for local businesses. ENNSHAFEN We connect the region to Europe. Serving the largest continuous industrial area on the Upper Danube, the port is a trimodal transshipment center and a modern service center for the forwarding industry. Services such as transshipment, heavy cargo transshipment, warehousing, packaging, and bunkering are provided by operators based at ENNSHAFEN. Located in the heart of Europe, the port is ideally linked to the most important inland ports and sea ports of the continent. ENNSHAFEN We supply to people and businesses. The cosmopolitan and neutral ENNSHAFEN port makes its infrastructure available to all transshipping and manufacturing companies. The synergy that exists between privately owned spaces and public infrastructure investment generates unique potential for development. This partnership between the public sector and private enterprise, our economically sound long-term vision, and our efficient organization all provide a solid foundation for the continuing expansion of our port infrastructure – an outcome that benefits the wider economy. ENNSHAFEN We unite expertise.

Company Name: ENNSHAFEN
Road: Donaustraße 3
Postcode / town: 4470 Enns