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Storebox Holding GmbH


Full Service Click & Collect - Automated order and compartment management - Transport service from your central warehouse to the Storebox - Automated customer communication according to your ideas Click & Collect solutions make things easier for both sides. The Storebox compartments are perfect as a local and easily accessible transfer or collection station and ensure efficient processes. We take care of the transport of your goods, the administration of the Storebox compartments and customer communication. The processes are designed to be smooth and fully automated using APIs. Inner-City Warehouses Commuting between a central warehouse and the site costs time and money. Perfect your service quality and distribution speed by setting up a local warehouse network for your employees in the field. Gain flexibility in the vicinity of your site. Spare parts warehouse for Service Technicians With Storebox you can store spare parts and goods directly where they will be used. In this way, you are in close proximity to the customer and save yourself long travel times for collecting the materials from a central warehouse. Create more efficiency by receiving deliveries of goods 24/7 directly to the Storebox and returning them if necessary. Micro-Hubs for the last mile - Over 100 inner-city micro-hubs in the German-speaking region - Unrestricted access 24/7 to stored goods - Perfect storage conditions, even for sensitive goods. Start your last mile at Storebox. Our centrally located storage areas in urban areas are the perfect starting point as a micro-hub for the last mile. Simply reload from the depot onto the cargo bike and you can supply your customers with an environmentally and city-friendly solution.

Storebox Holding GmbH
Company Name: Storebox Holding GmbH
Road: Grohgasse 9
Postcode / town: 1050 / Wien